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30 500 $

30 500 $




- 560 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 3.7 sec.

Battery pack

- 66 kWh

Motor power

- 428 hp


- N/A
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30 500 $

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The latest technologies of the future

The Zeekr X crossover is based on the SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) modular platform, on which two other models of the brand are built (plus many electric cars of Geely Holding). The suspension is sprung. There’s still no data on the X’s traction batteries; the range is said to be from 500 to 560 km, depending on the version.

Base model Zeekr X has a rear-wheel drive with an electric motor rated at 272 hp This model has curb weight of 1840 kg and can accelerate up to 185 km/h. The all-wheel drive version weighs 1,945 kg and has added a 156-horsepower engine at the front axle, and total output of the system – 428 hp. Maximal speed is just a little bit higher (190 km/h), but this Zeekr X can get «a hundred» in less than four seconds.

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frameless doors without handles

Electric exterior rearview mirror without margins

noroot 8

The exterior of the model is made in the standard stylistics of the brand. However, this time the designers decided to give it sharper and more impetuous lines, which emphasized the sporty features of the SUV.

Zero gravity 4D cloud chair

The unique zero-gravity seat support provides one-touch alignment.

Electric sliding smart screen

The 14.6-inch central control screen makes it easy to move left and right using gestures.

Electrically folding rear seat cushions

Support the seat cushion so it folds down at the touch of a button and the available space increases by 31%, making the Aicheng a freer and more comfortable place to study.

Full-size six-seater

Flawless light

The running lights are a composite h-shaped pattern, with 41 LEDs in each, and the main matrix headlights are located below.

Futuristic design

Zeekr X stands out with its unusual design and a number of atypical solutions. For example, the frameless doors have no handles: miniature button buttons on the roof pillars are responsible for unlocking the electric locks.

Creative Salon

There are also many interesting solutions in the interior. For example, look at the design of the window keys or the stylish clothes hooks.

Comfortable sleeping accommodations in case you get tired.
Make dates and watch movies wherever you are.
Bring your pets, because all conditions are created for them.
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Innovation and comfort

The frameless doors have no handles: miniature button buttons on the roof pillars are responsible for unlocking the electric locks. The running lights are a composite h-shaped pattern, each with 41 LEDs, and the main matrix headlights are located below. The side mirrors have a frameless design, and the charging hatch is securely camouflaged. The lifting fifth door has two glass panes at once: the upper one is located almost horizontally and is actually a continuation of the roof.

The entire vehicle is equipped with 13 high quality YAMAHA field speakers combined with in-car high-definition audio technology and a master-level setup, allowing you to enjoy immersive theatre-level surround sound at all times.

The point is in the details

Full range of 560 km CLTC operating conditions

Uses high-energy and high-voltage batteries with built-in module.

High efficiency synchronous electric drive system
Stronger heat dissipation, low noise level, peak power reaches 315 kW,
Maximum torque reaches 543 N-M.
High-performance braking system

Maximize the sensitivity and stability of your car when braking, and work faster and more profitably.

All series are equipped with 6 airbags. The front co-pilot airbag provides comprehensive head protection
Warm and cool bicolor reading lamp with soft light

Designed with the home lighting concept in mind, it is designed for reading with cool lighting, relaxing with warm lighting, continuously adjusting the brightness and switching to your liking.

Microfiber ceiling

The ceiling is made of 1.82 m2 of microfiber fleece material, which is surrounded and covered by fabric, and feels as thin and soft as leather, full of elegance.

Trivia in detail

The interior is full of slow speed gold elements, elegant and luxurious, presented in the smallest details, fully explaining the aesthetics of the new generation cockpit.

ZEEKR X Specifications

Brand Country – China

Vehicle class – C
Number of doors – 5
Number of seats – 4, 5
Length – 4450mm
Width – 1836mm
Height – 1572mm
Wheelbase – 2750 mm
Ground clearance – 170 mm
Track width – 1588 mm
Rear track width, 1593 mm
Tire size – 235/55/R18, 235/50/R19
Curb weight – 1840kg
Gross weight – 2230kg
Transmission – Automatic
Number of gears – 1
Drive type – Rear
Type of front suspension – independent, spring
Type of rear suspension – independent, spring
Front brakes – ventilated discs
Rear brakes – ventilated discs
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