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Photos of the new product from Zeekr have been published

Just a few days ago we discussed the start of sales of the Li Mega minivan from Lixiang, and the competitors are not slumbering.

Zeekr is not lagging behind and is preparing to launch a model close in format and dimensions: electric minivan Mix has appeared in the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry.

This means that the company Geely, which owns the brand Zeekr, has already received permission to launch mass production of the novelty.

What is known about Zeekr Mix at the moment?

– Dimensions: 4688 x 1995 x 1755 mm with a wheelbase of 3008 mm
– Curb weight can be 2639 or 2739 kg, depending on the capacity of the traction battery.
– Single electric motor (TZ235XYC01) with an output of 421 hp.
– Two wheel designs in 19 or 20-inch rims
– Zeekr Stargate LED strip – same as on Zeekr 007.
– Lidar on the roof to implement an intelligent autonomous driving system
– Streamlined, “capsule” styling with excellent aerodynamic performance

Other specs have yet to be revealed, but we suspect the Zeekr Mix is a spacious and powerful family or commercial minivan variant.

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