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PlayStation on wheels! Sony has also unveiled an electric car

Actually, the first electric car Sony and Honda have been finalizing for the fourth year. At the electronics show CES 2024 they rolled out the “now-final” prototype AFEELA in the form in which they want to launch it in series.

It’s clear that the electric car’s main draw is its deep integration with the PlayStation ecosystem:

🔹 Remote control with a wireless controller from the PS5
🔹 A steering wheel with joystick functionality
🔹 All game content from PlayStation and Epic Games is already on board

The rest of the specs for the segment are familiar. This is a power of 489 hp, a battery of 91 kWh, many large screens, augmented reality and “pneumatic”. From ourselves, we can add a calm “automotive” design – for those whose eyes want to take a break from cyberpunk.

Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony… Once upon a time, they were only a phone call away.

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