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Xiaomi electric car has a lot of physical buttons and a pump to drive in -33 °

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photo 5364310622973581103 y

Everyone who is interested in the world of electric cars has long been accustomed to call these cars gadgets on wheels because of the abundance of high-tech multimedia systems.

But then the king of smartphones Xiaomi enters the electric market and shocks the public with interior shots of its firstborn, the SU7 sedan.

We counted at least 10 physical, very real buttons on the steering wheel and dashboard. That’s a lot for a modern Chinese electric car.

And those who want to feel like a Formula 1 pilot, who dashingly operates tubulars and switches, will now rejoice! The SU7 can be equipped with the original docking station with even more buttons

And the technical stuffing will allow you to feel yourself behind the wheel of a racing car:

Acceleration to 100 km/h: 2.78 seconds.

Power: 673 hp.

Drag coefficient: 0.195.

Range: 800 km

Battery capacity: 100 kWh

Brakes: four-piston Brembo.

Suspension: air suspension

And Xiaomi also wants to break into the markets of countries with harsh winters: for this purpose, the debut model SU7 was equipped with a special heat pump, which will maintain the optimal temperature of the battery and maintain power reserve even in the harshest frosts

As video proof – epic footage at -33° Celsius. Not so sure about the compatibility of the sedan and winter, but it looks cool!

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