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Lynk&Co’s first electric car

Chinese media are posting photos of what is supposed to be the first electric car of the Lynk&Co brand. It will presumably be called the Zero.

The Lynk&Co brand was created by Geely together with Volvo in 2016. The idea was to make hybrids in China based on Volvo’s designs.

Then Lynk&Co began to enter global markets. They managed to open an office in Russia, but official deliveries never started.

The first Lynk&Co electric car was shown at the Beijing Motor Show in 2020 and released… under the brand Zeekr! under the Zeekr brand! It’s best-selling model 001.

Now there will be a second attempt to create an electric Lynk&Co, and on the Zeekr 001 platform. The new model promises to be more technically advanced. In particular, it will get swiveling rear wheels and the ability to move in crab mode, i.e. sideways.

The presentation is promised to be organized in April, and the novelty will go on sale in China in summer. Chinese media expect very attractive prices – from 200 thousand yuan against 270 thousand yuan for Zeekr 007.


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