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BYD Tang

43 300 $

43 300 $




- 528 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 4.6 sec.

Battery pack

- 86 kWh

Motor power

- 320 hp


- N/A
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43 300 $

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Cruising range is the biggest feature of Tang EV 2022, the vehicle can drive up to 730 km. on the CLTC cycle in difficult conditions, equipped with a 108.8 kWh blade battery pack. By supporting the world’s first direct cooling and heating battery technology and high-efficiency heat pump air conditioners with a wide temperature range, thermal efficiency is increased by 20%, and the energy consumption of air conditioners at low temperatures is reduced by 40%, thus extending battery life.

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Battery type – plate type
Battery capacity, kWh – 86


Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec – 4.6
Maximum speed, km/h – 180


Steering wheel memory system
Heated steering wheel


Combined with the new EV Dragon Face front fascia with low wind resistance, active AGS air intake grille and 21-inch low drag wheels makes the all-wheel-drive Tang the SUV with the most range. The Tang, combined with the heated steering wheel, is the ideal electric vehicle for use in cold climates and for long-distance travel.


Length, mm – 4870
Width, mm – 1950
Height, mm – 1725


Wheelbase – 2820 mm Tire size – 245 / 45 R20


4G network service
Bluetooth car system
Car WiFi


The car has two configurations that differ both externally and externally. The version with the grille is a hybrid. The version as in this photo, with a stretched nose, is an electric car. DM-i super hybrid technology, fuel consumption in constant load mode is only 5.3 l/100 km. The version with a more powerful battery can provide a range of up to 1,050 km (NEDC operating conditions)

Intelligent L2 level driving assistance to make your journey easy and safe. You can use your cell phone to open and close the car. Even if there is no internet connection. Just attach your phone to the left mirror with the NFC chip


The interior is made of high-quality microfiber suede and the seats are made of NAPPA leather. Dynaudio HiFi level audio system with 12 speakers. Environmentally friendly interior, water-based glue, there is a disinfecting air conditioner mode

Panoramic view
Leather upholstery

Features of the BYD Tang

Length, mm – 4870
Width, mm – 1950
Height, mm – 1725
Wheelbase, mm – 2820
Wheel track – Front/rear (mm) – 1650/1630
Minimum turning radius (m) – 5.9
Tire specifications – 245/45 R20
Gas tank capacity (hybrid version) – 53 liters
Engine Model – Xiaoyun Plug-in Hybrid Specialized High Performance 1.5 Ti Turbocharged Engine
Engine Type – Variable-cross-section turbocharger/direct cylinder injection/central inlet VVT/alloy aluminum engine/Miller Cycle/high compression ratio/ ultra low friction
Engine displacement(L) – 1.5 Ti
Maximum engine power (kW) – 102
Max. engine torque (Nm) – 231
Battery type – DM-i super hybrid type blade battery
Type of motor – AC synchronous motor with permanent magnets
Maximum power of front engine (kW) – 160
Max. torque of front engine (N-m) – 325
Transmission system – EHS Electric Blending System
Drive type – Front wheel drive
NEDC integrated operating conditions, net electric range (km) – 112
Power loss and fuel consumption (l/100km) – 5.5
Battery capacity (kWh) – 21.5
acceleration time 0-100 km/h (s) – 8.5
Type of front brake – Ventilated disc brake
Rear Brake Type – Extension Disk
Type of front suspension – Independent MacPherson suspension
Rear suspension type – Multilever independent suspension
ACC-S&G stop-and-go full-speed adaptive cruise system
ICC Intelligent System
ICA Integrated Adaptive Cruise Control
TJA Traffic Jam Assist System
CSC Curve Speed Control System
FCW forward collision warning system
AEB-CCR automatic emergency braking system
Pedestrian Identification/Protection System AEB-VRU
Emergency Brake Assist System EBA
Emergency Brake Reminder System ESS
LDWS Lane Departure Warning System
Active Lane Keeping System LKS
High- and low-beam intelligent system HMA
TSR Intelligent Traffic Sign Recognition System
BSD Blind Spot Monitoring System
LCA Parallel Lane Assist System
Rear Crossing Reminder System RCTA
RCW Reverse collision warning system
DOW Open door early warning system
DiPilot steering wheel lane departure aid reminder
DiPilot smart remote control driving mode
3D holographic transparent imaging system
Ultrasonic radar
High-precision millimeter-wave radar
Smart surround view driving camera
Intelligent driving, high perception camera

Intelligent DiLink3.0 network connectivity system
DILINK 15.6-inch 8-core adaptive rotating pendant monitor
Intelligent voice interaction system
Cloud-based smart butler service (car search, turn on and off
Bosch®IPB integrated brake control system
Comfortable Bosch®CST Parking Control System
Bosch®ESP Electronic Stability Program
Bosch® ABS Anti-lock Braking System
Bosch®EBD electronic brake force distribution system
Bosch®TCS Traction Control System
Bosch®VDC Vehicle Dynamics Control System
Bosch®HHC ramp starting control system
Bosch® CDP Parking Brake Control System
Bosch® HBA Hydraulic Brake System
Bosch® HDC steep descent system
Bosch®RMI rollover control system
Bosch® AUTO HOLD automatic parking system
EPB electronic parking system
Power assisted steering EPS
BOS Brake Priority System
TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)
Dual front airbags
Front seat side airbags
Front and rear penetrating side airbags
Electronic child lock
First row seat belt not fastened for alarm
Child seat lock with latch (ISO FIX compatible)
High performance body with safety features
Heavy-duty front and rear impact bars
Automatic locking with speed sensor
Auto-release collision sensor
Adjustable foot brake pedal
Electronic anti-theft system
Four-door window elevator with remote control and one-button elevator
Four-door window lift with pinch protection function and
Smart electric tailgate
Electric tailgate position memory
Tailgate shock sensor
Electric tailgate switch
Keyless entry and one key start system
Dual temperature zone, independent control, automatic constant temperature air conditioner
CN95 high efficiency filter (with activated carbon)
Remote high temperature disinfection mode
PM2.5 green clean system
Driver seat memory system
Greeting function of the main driver seat
External rear view mirror memory system
Four position steering wheel with manual adjustment
Heated main/co-pilot seat
Ventilation of main/co-pilot’s seat
8-way electric main driver’s seat adjustment
4-position electric adjustment of the co-pilot’s seat
Four-way electric adjustment of the lumbar support for the main driver’s seat
Lumbar support for co-pilot’s seat 4-way electric adjustment
4-way adjustable main/co-pilot head restraint
Extendable main/co-pilot’s footrest
Two USB charging ports in back
12 volt vehicle power supply
Front hatch cover, gas spring open

Pendant LED headlight dragon Crystal
Jingyao Seamless through-hole LED taillights
Running water power turn signal
31-color interactive smart cabin illumination
LED daytime running lights
LED auxiliary light curve
Rain Mode
20-inch two-tone sports wheels
Electric anti-pinch super visual starry sky panoramic sunroof
Multi-faceted dual front sport grille
Yulong Jumping Waist Line
Door handles the same color as the body
All-aluminum alloy side window trim strips
Aluminum alloy integrated roof rack
Front windshield/front door high performance insulating and soundproof glass
Rear/rear windshield black safety glass
Type automatic, boneless rain sensor wiper
Concealed rear window wiper

Surrounding luxury smart flagship cockpit
BYD Heart Dragon Engine Heart.
12.3-inch full LCD eye protection panel
2+3+2 seating arrangement
Red rabbit brown interior
Independent rear seats (manual folding)
Medium dragon beard style trim
High-quality soft-slush-plastic dashboard
Luxury leather seats with dragon scales pattern
High-quality Ultrasuede® microfiber suede
D-type multifunction sports steering wheel
Second row of center armrests (with double cupholders)
Large space with luxury armrest open on both sides
Metal welcome pedal
Main and co-pilot with cosmetic mirror, backlight, sun visor
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