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Cadillac Lyriq

61 800 $

61 800 $




- 608 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 6.0 sec.

Battery pack

- 95.7 kWh

Motor power

- 510 hp


- N/A
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61 800 $

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The first Cadillac electric vehicle

This is the first electric car of the Cadillac brand. Last summer it was presented as a concept car, but this time we have the final version: this is the form in which Lyriq will enter the market. On its way to the assembly line, the crossover almost has not changed: it got familiar mirrors and larger optics, and the cabin has more buttons and knobs, but in general, the design has been preserved. Lyriq dimensions are very close to the familiar Cadillac XT6: length – 4996 mm, width – 1977 mm, height – 1623 mm. However, the proportions of electric car are quite different, because there is no third row of seats, and wheelbase is significantly longer: 3094 mm against 2863 mm of the XT6. You can choose wheels with a diameter of 20 or 22 inches. There is no front luggage compartment, and the usual rear one holds 793 liters under the curtain and 1723 liters with the folded back row.

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The main feature of the interior is the single display on the front panel, which combines the instruments, the media system and other functions. It has a concave surface, 33 inches diagonal and the widest color range (1 billion colors). A separate push-button climate control has been retained, while the steering wheel combines rocker and touch keys.

It is interesting that the remote controls of the front seats are located in the Mercedes way on the doors: Cadillac has never used this solution before. The most expensive versions are finished in wood veneer and metal. There is an active noise reduction system, because the electric car has a particularly noticeable hum from the tires, and an AKG audio system with nineteen speakers.

The Cadillac Lyriq crossover is based on the same universal modular platform as the new GMC Hummer. But if the off-road Hummer has all-wheel drive, air suspension and a fully controlled chassis, Cadillac has got a simpler version of “bogie” – with rear drive and a passive spring suspension. However, four-wheel drive versions are in the plans.


Excellent noise isolation allows you to feel the maximum comfort of driving. Good acceleration – 6 seconds to 100.

Stylish LED headlights
Wheelbase 3094mm
30 min charge is enough for 314 km


For now, the only electric motor installed on the rear axle produces 340 hp and 440 Nm. The dynamic characteristics, alas, are not disclosed. But the company told that there are several levels of recuperation, and the maximum allows you to go “in one pedal”. The new-generation Ultium lithium-ion traction battery, developed together with LG Chem and having a low content of expensive cobalt, has a capacity of 100 kW∙h. But even the base rear-wheel-drive Lyriq has a curb weight of 2,545 kg. All-wheel-drive Tesla Model X with a similar 100-kilowatt battery and massive lift-up doors is 86 kg lighter! No wonder that the Cadillac has a relatively modest range on a single charge: 483 km according to the American EPA standard against 523 km of the same Tesla. The Lyriq can be charged from a DC terminal with a capacity of up to 190 kW. In this case, in ten minutes it can be recharged for a 122 km range. From a household AC outlet, the charging power will not exceed 19.2 kW. It is also equipped with Super Cruise, i.e. adaptive cruise control with auto guidance function while driving on the highway.

Youth. Sports. Beauty.

Stylish streamlined body is difficult not to notice among competitors on the road. This car will not leave without attention and will emphasize the high status of the owner. But the powerful characteristics will impress anyone – 340 hp 480 range, a huge trunk with 793 liters and that’s not all.


Like in a recording studio

Audio system with 19 speakers, which are located even in the headrest

The stars are closer

It’s still problematic to get a star out of the sky, but it’s easy to look at them thanks to the panoramic roof.

Premium finishes and comfort

Interior upholstered in leather, aluminum and wood

736 external LEDs
cadillac logo
Cadillac Lyriq

Cadillac Lyriq Specifications

Length (mm) – 5003
Width (mm) – 1977
Height (mm) – 1637 / 1635
Wheelbase (mm) – 3094
Battery power (kWh) – 95.7
Full range of operating conditions CLTC (km)- 653 / 608
Fast charging capacity (20%-80%) (h) – 0.67
AC charging performance (0-100% full charge) (hrs)
Three-phase AC power 11 kW – 9.8
Single-phase alternating current -7.2 kW – 15.5
Power consumption per 100 kilometers (kWh) – 15.6 / 16.7
BEV heat integrated
Temperature control system
Drive Type – Rear Wheel Drive / All Wheel Drive
Motor type – Permanent magnet synchronization / Front / rear permanent magnet synchronization
Maximum engine power (kW) – 255 / 375
Max. engine torque (Nm) 440 / 710
Acceleration time 100 km/h (s) – 6.35 / 4.90
Top speed (km/h) – 190 / 210
33″ ultra-retina ring screen
9K screen resolution
Display color depth 10 bit
Display accuracy 271PPI
100,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
AKG hi-fi studio class loudspeaker system
19 loudspeaker system (1400 watts)
Quantum Logic Virtual 7.1
Immersive Surround Sound
Unity coaxial speaker
Acoustic Lens
Acoustic Prism
Dual-speaker immersive headrest
Active Sound Wave Technology EVSE
iKey cell phone key
Four-door keyless entry
5GSWi-Fi wireless network in the car
Bluetooth connection
Apple CarPlay wireless display
Wireless cell phone charging (15W power)
Type-C interface x 4 (support fast charging 45W × 1)
Personalized cloud account system
Baidu ecology and vehicle applications
Car smart navigation system
Smart scene recommendation
Intelligent voice assistant
Intelligent Electronic User Guide
Remote control of the car by cell phone
Remote cell phone charging assignment
Remote car status detection by cell phone
Built-in electronic continuous charging system ETC
Electronic VIP architecture and remote vehicle OTA update capability
Air Conditioning Partition Control – Dual Zone / Triple Zone (with rear LCD display)
Minimalist front exhaust spigot with no foliage
Second exhaust spigot
Nano-sized air conditioner filter element with PM2.5 protection
Allergy filtering
Air quality management system
Rear window anti-fogging function
Driver’s seat memory
12-way electrically adjustable front seats (including 4-way lumbar support)
2-position front adjustable head restraint
Premium perforated leather seats
Premium perforated leather Nappa seats
Front seat massage
Ventilation of front seats
Heated front seats
Heated rear seat
Front seat backrest storage bag
Rear center armrest (with cup holder)
Rear seat power folding with one button (can be split 40/60)
Rear seat backrest tilt adjustment
Rear 2-position adjustable head restraint
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