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Li L9

60 500 $

60 500 $




- 1315 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 5.4 sec.

Battery pack

- 44.5 kWh

Motor power

- 449 hp


- 65 L
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60 500 $

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Latest technologies of the future

The Lixiang L9 on the second-generation extended-range platform, with a 44.5 kWh battery pack that can provide a range of 1,315 km with a full tank (65 litres) and battery (CLTC operating conditions), a range of 215 km on pure electric power. The thermal efficiency of the four-cylinder 1.5 T engine reaches 40.5%, fuel consumption is 5.9 l/100 km.

The Leading Ideal L9 uses an intelligent all-wheel drive system with a maximum output of 130 kW for the front wheel drive engine and 200 kW for the rear wheel drive engine. Total power output is 330kW, torque is 620Nm and 0-100km/h acceleration time is 5.3s. The L9 uses a heavy-duty body construction.


Full-size six-seat

Perfect light

The brand new Halo ring headlamp is over 2 metres long, with no joints in the middle. The halo light is a ring of happiness, a cosy motorhome.

Elegant silhouette

With its sleek design, the Li L9 stands out with its sophisticated side profile with frost protection door handles positioned.

Nappa leather seats

All seats are finished in a comfortable 3D texture and Nappa leather for a perfect fit and feel.


plenty of space and flagship level seats for every member of the family

Fully electric seats in all three rows
First 4-position electric leg support
4 sleeping areas


interior lighting colour options

Two wireless charging pads in the front row

The charging pads are suitable for various phone brands.

Handy storage compartment in the front row

A handy place to store your bags, shoes and other hand luggage.

Rear refrigerator

Holds up to 10 cans of Coca-Cola or 1 bottle of champagne. Supports cooling and heating with variable temperature settings.

Innovation and comfort.

The doors have a silent design, allowing the family to rest easy. Easily closes even in tight spaces. The luggage compartment with a capacity of 242 litres can accommodate luggage for all when the third row seats are used. The boot volume is up to 640 litres when the third row is folded down. Take your camping equipment, skis and bike with you wherever you go. LiL 9 supports 3D spatial interaction with 5 screens, and a 4D immersive audio and video system comes as standard. A 3D ToF sensor and six distributed microphones make interaction from any location possible via gesture, voice or touch. Feel free to choose whichever way you feel most comfortable. The Dolby Atmos audio system includes 21 speakers and a power amplifier with a maximum output of 2160 watts for a concert-like experience in the car.

Smart driving

Safe driving scenario

Identifies dangerous approach scenarios, especially approaching trucks with a large speed difference.

Detects anomalies on the road

Determines the traffic situation without the obvious characteristics of the vehicle, including night time.

Sees obstacles in the road

Defines traffic cones and crash barriers, water-filled barriers and other road barriers.

The suspension can be automatically raised to increase ground clearance, enhancing manoeuvrability off-road.
ADAS navigation

Li L9 supports autonomous overtaking, speed control and ramp entry and exit thanks to its high-precision meter-accurate positioning capability.

Lane keeping assistance

Automatically follows the vehicle ahead and moves confidently in the centre of the lane, for a carefree ride during traffic jams and long-distance journeys.

Parking and call-out assistance

Built-in cameras and radar allow the LiL9 to find a parking space and park on its own, making parking much easier.

Li L9 Specifications

WLTC 1100km range

Battery range on WLTC 180km
Total power system capacity 330kW
Total torque 620 Nm
0-100km/h acceleration time of 5.3s
5-in-1 Front-wheel drive Power: 130kW Torque: 220N-m
Rear-wheel drive 3-in-1 Power: 200 kW Torque: 400 N-m
Choice of power modes Pure electric/hybrid mode
Total battery capacity: 44.5 kWh
Battery type Triple lithium battery with flame retardant materials and thermal runaway protection technology
Battery cooling technology liquid cooling
Constant current fast charging time (75 kW maximum power) 30 minutes (20-80%)
Slow charging time from AC 7 kW 6.5 hours (0-100%)
Fuel tank capacity 65 l
Fuel No. 95
Environmental standards VI
Double wishbone front suspension
Rear five wishbone suspension
Intelligent air suspension (adjustment range 80 mm)
Continuously variable damping damper CDC
Electronic power steering with variable speed
Braking energy recovery system
Adjustable accelerator pedal mode
Special road mode (off-road, slippery road, steep downhill)
Vented disc brakes front and rear
Electronic booster brake system
Heated first, second and third row seats
Electrical seat adjustment for first, second and third row.
High-quality materials for the comfort of the first, second and third rows
SPA level 10-point massage for first and second row seats
Ventilation for first and second row seats
Seat lumbar adjustment for first and second rows in 4 directions
First and second row seats in Nappa leather
Luxury upholstered cushioning ×4
2nd row of 1st class right-hand seats (4-way power-adjustable footrest)
Infinitely adjustable inner armrest for second row seats
Second row of folding table tops (right-hand side)
One-button up and down on the third row
Up and down the second row of seats with one button
“Boss key second row
Driver’s seat with memory function
Four-way sleeper mode. Seats can be folded out in a special way
Large bed mode
Multifunction steering wheel in nappa leather
Heated steering wheel
Dual-purpose, thermally insulated (electric hot-water heater)
LED interior lighting (256 colours)
Three-zone automatic fresh air conditioning system
Vehicle aroma system (three types of fragrance dispenser)
PM2.5 monitoring
Automatic air quality control AQS
Independent air vents for second and third rows
Double-glazed, silvered, heat-reflecting front windscreen
Double-pane noise-insulated front windscreen
Double-pane soundproofing for second row window
Screen for third row
Double panoramic sunshield
Double panoramic sun visor with electric sunblind
Complete protection against pinching
Anti-UV glass for the entire vehicle
Roof lining with negative ions protection
One-button window adjustment
Dashboard and interior door panels in leather
LED touchscreen light for reading the entire vehicle
LED headlights in first row, second row
Cosmetic mirror with sun visor (with LED lighting)
Taffeta car mats
Electric steering wheel adjustment in 4 directions
Electronic security system
Concealed door handle
All doors in the car are electrically operated and silent
Electrically heated exterior mirrors
Integrated exterior mirror for monitoring the vehicle’s blind spots
Power adjustable door mirrors
Memory position of door mirrors
Power adjustable door mirrors outside mirrors
Interior mirror with automatic anti-dazzle coating
Driver’s side exterior mirror with automatic dimming
Power tailgate
Electrical tailgate memory (infinitely variable)
Keyless entry (four doors)
Keyless start
Bluetooth key for mobile phone
Remote control of vehicle via app
Intelligent car finder (with automatic parking photo function)
Smart key ×2
Mechanical emergency key ×1
On-board electric air pump
Tool kit
Interactive user guide
Charging and storage space in the vehicle
Wireless mobile phone charging row (15W) × 2
USB Type-C × 2 in the first row
USB Type-C (60W) × 2 in second row
Third-row USB Type-C x 2
220V on-board power supply (1.1 kW)
12 V vehicle power supply (front row × 1 boot × 1)
First row of independent cupholders × 2
Second row of independent cupholders × 2
Third row of independent cupholders × 2
Second row of mobile phone slots × 2
Third row of mobile phone slots × 2
Storage space in front armrest
Hollowed centre armrest
Storage space under the boot lid
Large storage space in door panel
Interactive safe driving screen on the steering wheel
13.35″ high-definition projection screen
15.7-inch OLED screen for central control (3K resolution)
15.7-inch OLED screen for passenger entertainment (3K resolution)
15.7-inch OLED screen for rear seat entertainment (resolution 3K)
Rear entertainment screen with motorised opening and closing and tilt adjustment
Seamless central control screen for the co-driver’s seat
Fingerprint protection
Multi-touch screen technology
Anti-glare screen technology
Automatic screen brightness adjustment
High class tinted glass
Certified low-blue light screen
Smart Cockpit processors and sensors
Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip × 2
256GB of high-speed storage
High precision digital silicon microphone ×6
3D ToF sensor in the rear
High-speed communication module with two 5G cards
3D interactive interaction space
Voice gesture interaction
Shields integrated into one system for collaborative interaction
Six-tone audio recognition
AI is able to freely maintain a dialogue
Voicing, voice-activated assistance
4D immersive audio and video system
21 speakers 7.3.4 sound system
2160W amplifier
Tweeter with aluminium diaphragm
Kevlar midrange driver
Carbon fibre subwoofer
4D vibration unit for second row seats
Dolby Atmos
Sound effects control
Matrix subwoofer
Independent centre speaker in rear compartment
Rear driver’s seat entertainment screen, independent Bluetooth audio source
Rear Entertainment Screen, independent Bluetooth audio source
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