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Ora Good Cat

28 000 $

28 000 $




- 480 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 6.9 sec.

Battery pack

- 59 kWh

Motor power

- 171 hp


- N/A
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ora good cat
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28 000 $

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Ora Good Cat + GT is a sporty version of the well-known classic model Ora Good Cat. You can buy this electric car in our company. About the availability of electric cars check with our managers. Good Cat GT has a stylish appearance with spectacular red inserts in the body. and smooth details. Very maneuverable electric car with a fast set speed. Available in two configurations.

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Fast charging time (min) – 30%-80%
Type of fuel – electric
Battery capacity, kWh – 59.1


Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec – 6.9
Maximum speed, km/h – 160


4 speakers
Trunk volume, l. – 858

Special features

The smooth and sexy body lines inherit the design style of the early cars, with echoes of retro combining style and technology. Artificial carbon fiber embellishments envelop the underside of the body in all directions, giving the car a richly sporty and cool look, and a sporty atmosphere visible to the naked eye pervades the streets and lanes. Depending on different climate conditions, the seat ventilation/heating function can be remotely activated via the “Euler ORA” cell phone app. When you pick up and drop off your children, girlfriends and friends, the car switches to Comfort Ride mode and turns on the seat massage, thanks to the voice assistant.


Length, mm – 4254
Width, mm – 1848
Height, mm – 1596


Wheelbase – 2650 mm
Tire size – 215 / 50 / R18


Anti-lock Brake System (ABS
Traction control system (TCS)


The central control lever has a retro-inspired chrome finish and the interior itself leaves a pleasant sports car feel and has a sporty, cool Sa I design. The front seats are electrically adjustable and have a massage function. Everything is loaded with comfort.

Convenient and stylish controls
A cozy place with red inserts
The inside is lined with suede
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Ora Good Cat

Ora Good Cat Specifications

Full NEDC range (km): 480

Basic parameters
Length*width*height (mm): 4254*1848*1596
Wheelbase (mm): 2650
Curb weight (kg): 1560
Tire specifications: 215/50 R18

Cargo area – rear seats fold upwards (L): 858

Suspension system
Front independent MacPherson suspension / rear composite suspension with trailing arm torsion bar
Front independent MacPherson suspension / rear composite suspension with trailing arm torsion bar

Braking system
Front vented disc / rear disc type
Drive motor type
High efficiency permanent magnet synchronous silicon steel permanent magnet motor

Driving mode: standard / economy / sport / adaptive to AI / super energy saving
Adjustable power steering wheel
Maximum speed (km/h): 160
Active air intake grille (AGS)
Battery type: Lithium-iron phosphate battery / triple lithium battery.
Cooling method: High efficiency liquid-cooled constant temperature system
Fast constant current charging time (min)
≥30 (30%-80%, room temperature)
Typical AC charging power (kW): 6.6
Normal AC charging time (h): ≥8 (normal temperature).
220V car domestic battery charger
Intelligent protection against power loss
Adjustable energy saving recuperation system
Waste heat recovery system
Thermal runaway early warning system
Vehicle electrical safety protection
Three-electric, high-efficiency liquid-cooled constant temperature system
IPX9K high voltage waterproof battery pack
Battery pack collision protection system
The sporty cool design of the Sa I
The inside of the 3D mesh coating process
The interior is upholstered in suede
Central control lever with retro style chrome plating
Trendy cool carbon fiber suit with 360° imitation
L-shaped hunting fangs
18-inch contrasting color cat claw wheels
GT exclusive red caliper
GT exclusive sport tail
Shark fin antenna
LED cute cat eye headlight
LED daytime running lights
Electric height adjustment LED headlight
Intelligent LED headlight actuation
Body stability control system
Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
Traction control system (TCS)
Hill start assist (HHC)
Intelligent Brake-force Distribution (EBD)
Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
Primary/co-pilot airbag
Front side airbags
Front and rear side air curtains
Heavy duty steel body frame
High-strength thermoformed steel on the side
Pedestrian signal with multiple sources
Pre-tensioned front-row seat belts with limited tensioning force
Force-limiting seat belts on both sides of the rear seat
A reminder that the front seatbelt is not fastened.
ISO FIX child seat mounting system
Automatic locking while driving
Automatic unlocking after a collision
Automatic collision assistance on electronic call + n
Car air pump + tire repair fluid
Comfortable and elegant cockpit I
360° panoramic unified view
Reversible radar
Constant Speed Cruise (CCS)
Remote vehicle update service OTA
Dual high-definition screen
Dual screen interaction
Avatar Cats Ory Eiler
Intelligent voice interaction
Smart chat.
Can extend different voice packages from real person
ORA App Store
Car navigation system: GPS + Beidou
Cell phone connection
Car Bluetooth
Euler ORA mobile app remote car control
Smart car search
Electronic pickup
Make an appointment for a charge
Third-party (USB) driving recorder power interface
Smart and fast start
Intelligent cockpit cleaning system
Automatic air conditioning
Automatic anti-fogging system in the car
Rear windshield defrosting
Temperature display outside the vehicle
Intelligent single pedal control system
Electronic gear shift
Electronic parking (EPB)
Automatic parking with automatic hold
Panoramic sunroof
Sun visor + makeup mirror
Leather steering wheel
2-position manual steering wheel adjustment
Speaker: 4 pcs.
Volume control at any speed
Wireless cell phone charging
USB interface
2 front rows / 1 rear row
Cell phone Bluetooth key
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