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Ora Lighting Cat

35 000 $

35 000 $




- 600 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 4.3 sec.

Battery pack

- 80 kWh

Motor power

- 407 hp


- N/A
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ora lightning cat
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35 000 $

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The Lightning Cat gives the impression of a toy, but in fact it is quite a large car, similar in size to the Toyota Camry or Mazda 6. It is based on the electric version of the L.E.M.O.N. modular platform, already known to us from Haval cars. The design and proportions are similar to the Porsche Panamera, but the Chinese “cat” is not a liftback, but a four-door fastback: the rear window is fixed here, and a small lid leads to the trunk, which has a retractable spoiler. The Ora has frameless doors with recessed handles, full LED optics, and the wheels are 18 or 19 inches in diameter (depending on the version).




Battery type – lithium iron phosphate
Type of fuel – electric
Battery capacity, kWh – 80


Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec – 4.3
Maximum speed, km/h – 200


Number of doors / seats – 4 / 5
Frameless door

Lightning Cat

Adaptive cruise control and all-around cameras are included in the basic package. A quasi-autopilot Ora-Pilot 3.0, which meets the second level of autonomy, is optional: it has 10 cameras and 18 radars around the perimeter of the car. The base Ora Lightning Cat is front-wheel drive with 204 hp and 340 Nm electric motor, a lithium-iron phosphate traction battery, and a 555 km Chinese CLTC range. A step higher is the same front-wheel drive fastback, but with a lithium-ion battery (capacity is not specified) and a range of 705 km on a single charge. And at the top of the range is a two-motor all-wheel drive variant (408 hp, 680 Nm), able to accelerate to a “hundred” in 4.3 seconds. The mileage on a single charge is 600 km.


Length, mm – 4871
Width, mm – 1862
Height, mm – 1500


Wheelbase – 2870 mm
Tire size – 235/50 R18


Rear safety glass
Panoramic canopy in the form of a dome
11 speakers


The interior is designed for five people in a sporty style. The instruments are made in the form of three round “wells”, but drawn on a single screen with a diagonal of 10.25 inches. The media system’s touchscreen is 12.3 inches, a projection display is on the options list, and there are analog climate control knobs on the sloping center console. Panoramic View.

Convenient seats
"Smart", hidden pens
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Ora Lighting Cat

Ora Lighting Cat Specifications

Length * width * height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Triple electric system
Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate / triple lithium
Temperature control system
Liquid cooled constant temperature system
Drive motor type
Permanent magnet synchronous motor

Single motor front wheel drive
Two-motor intelligent four-wheel drive
Maximum system power (kW): 150
Maximum torque of the system (N-m): 340
Fast constant current charging time* (min) >30(30%-80%)
Adjustable energy recovery system
AGS active air intake grille
External discharge system
220V on-board emergency charger
Front windshield and soundproof glass
Frameless door
Double-layered soundproof glass for the front door and window
One push-button window lift for the entire vehicle + anti-pinch protection + automatic closing of the windows when the vehicle is locked
Rear safety glass
Smart concealed door handle
Automatic windscreen wiper with rain sensor
Panoramic canopy
Rear windscreen misting protection
Electrically adjustable outside rear view mirror + heating and anti-fogging + automatic folding of the car lock
External rearview mirror memory support
Adaptive electric tailgate
Hinged electric tailgate with inductive drive

LED front and rear smart headlights
LED daytime running lights
LED turn signal
Automatic headlights
Intelligent high and low beam switching
Supercar surround sound center console
Key texture button
Premium leather-trimmed interior
Multicolored rhythm of diffused light
Unleash a translucent leather ambience of light
Intelligent ambient light adjustment throughout the vehicle
Main and second pilot makeup mirror + ring LED makeup light
High quality speakers 11 pcs.
Harman Infinity immersive sound system
Simulate sound waves
Three-frame sport steering wheel
Multifunction button on steering wheel
4-position manual steering wheel adjustment
Heated steering wheel
Concealed lift cup holder
Storage compartment for armrest drawer
Integrated sport seat for master/co-pilot
Leather-trimmed front/rear seats
6-way electric basic driver’s seat adjustment
4-position electric lumbar support for the main driver’s seat
Co-pilot seat with 4-position electric adjustment
Heated main/co-pilot seat cushion and backrest
Greeting seat for main driver + assist system with memory
Main/co-pilot seat cushion ventilation
Chief/co-pilot seat backrest massage
Heated rear seat cushion and backrest
Rear seats fold down 4:6

Air conditioning:
Smart fresh air conditioner
Dual temperature zone smart air conditioning
Automatic air conditioning control
Air conditioning with heat pump
Front vent plate / rear vent plate
Transverse anti-roll bar
Dynamic vehicle control system
Intelligent Torque Distribution System
Auto Park
Red caliper
18-inch aluminum alloy multiframe wheels
– with 235/50 R18 tires

Suspension type: front independent MacPherson suspension / rear multi-link independent suspension
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