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Voyah Free

35 500 $

35 500 $




- 1201 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 4.8 sec.

Battery pack

- 39 kWh

Motor power

- 490 hp


- 56 L
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35 500 $

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Voyah Free Review

As the owner of this premium electric vehicle, you are sure to attract the attention of your business partners, friends and everyone around you on the road. Visually, the new Voyah free has a bombshell effect, clearly competing with the gasoline models. From the first minutes of your ride in this car, you will feel the effect you have on your neighbors in traffic. Overall dimensions are slightly larger than the AUDI E-TRON, which gives the highest level of comfort for both the driver and passengers. Spacious leather interior with plenty of legroom guarantees increased comfort for the passengers of the second row.

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Impeccable style

Natural materials are used in the interior of the car. The LCDs form a single large screen, which is slightly lowered during the drive shift so that the driver has a full view of the road. Large panoramic roof, which changes color while driving, and a special coating protects from direct sunlight

Safe on the road

All modern safety technologies were taken into account during the development. It is equipped with a variety of sensors to help the driver timely notice dangers on the road, and of course special attention is paid to passenger safety


Voyah free does not pollute the nature with exhaust emissions, completely silent driving in the city. A new era car – environmentally friendly. When you buy such an electric car, you show your concern for the environment. Buy luxury electric cars. Keep up with the times


A steering wheel with a face ID easily recognizes the owner and sets the settings for him. The main user sets the settings for the other three, prohibiting, for example, crawling in personal correspondence or just starting the car if there is a teenager with bubbling hormones in the house. Roomy for the whole family and fast for speed lovers.



Powerful, under the hood 510 hp acceleration in 4.5 to 100. Size 4905x1905x1690

Great hybrid

Tank of 56 liters, 6 liters per km, 210 km battery

A style that appeals

Stylish hybrid to help you get used to an electric car, thanks to the hybrid system

Stylish hybrid
55 litres and 140km battery


Equipped with matrix headlights with thermal imager. Features three screens and auto parker. Full premium leather trim

Driving comfort
Air quality management AQS
Seats with ventilation, heating and massage functions
voyah logo
Voyah Free

Voyah Free Specifications

Length / width / height (mm) 4905/1950/1660
Wheelbase (mm) 2960
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 180
Curb weight (kg) 2290
Trunk volume (L) 560
Trunk extension volume (L) 1320
Acceleration time 100 kilometers (s) 4.8
Maximal speed (km/h) 200
Wind resistance coefficient (Cd) 0.3
Braking distance (m) (100-0 km/h) 35.95
Operating range – NEDC standard (km) 1201
Pure electric range – NEDC standard (km) 210
Pure electric range – standard WLTC (km) 123
Front and rear twin engines, all-wheel drive
Total horsepower (kW) 510
Total power system torque (N-m) 1040
Battery Type
Triple lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity (kWh) 39.2
Intelligent temperature control system for power battery
Fast constant current charging time (20%-80%) ≤0.75h
Slow AC charging time (20%-100%) ≤3.75h
OBC Car Charger (kW) 11
Extended power generation system
1.5 T four-cylinder engine + 80 kW peak power generator
Engine model SFG15TR
Cylinder material: cast iron
Material of cylinder head: aluminum alloy
Fuel tank capacity (l) 56
Fuel label: 92
Total fuel consumption (l/100km) 1.3
High energy mode V-Productivity
Wake-up mode V-Attention mode
Care Mode V-Care Mode
Car Class 5G T-BOX + Gigabit Ethernet
Car Wi-Fi
OTA remote update
Multi-screen interoperability
VOYAH ID in-car biometric recognition system (face recognition, voice recognition)
Floating gesture recognition
Independent four-tone zonal voice interaction
Exclusive Queen co-pilot touch panel
Huawei Hi-vehicle
Light application (entertainment services, household services)
Application remote control function
Advanced L2+ intelligent driver assistance system
Front camera (pcs) 2
Cab camera (pcs) 2
Millimeter-wave radar (pcs) 3
Surround view camera (pcs.) 4
Ultrasonic radar (pcs) 12
Single Lane Jam Aid TJA
Single lane high speed auxiliary HWA
Intelligent cruise control system ICA (TJA+ HWA)
Adaptive Cruise Control ACC
LKA lane keeping
Lane keeping control LCC
Automatic emergency brake AEB
Fully automatic parking with visual integration (horizontal, vertical, diagonal and assist front parking)
BSD blind spot monitoring system
Vehicle start reminder before FVSR
FCW forward safety system before a collision
LDWS Lane Departure Warning System
LCA lane change warning
Speed limiter reminder system
Rear Pre-Collision Safety System RCW
Rear Cross Traffic Alert RCTA
Three-dimensional driver monitoring and reminder (fatigue, mood, attention)
Night vision system
Sentinel mode
Transparent chassis
360 degree panoramic view
Reverse image
Front and rear parking radar reminder
Undercarriage system
Front suspension
Independent double wishbone suspension
Rear suspension
Multilever independent suspension
Air suspension
Adjustable electronic power steering
Front and rear ventilated disc brakes
Electronic handbrake EPB
Automatic parking system
Steep hill and slow descent
Emergency indicator
iBooster2.0 electronic braking assist system
Braking energy recovery system CRBS
Hidden electric door handle
Bluetooth cell phone key
Keyless entry
Keyless start
Panoramic sunroof with electric sunshade
Intelligent panoramic visor with adjustable brightness (adjustable to ten levels)
Automatic windshield wiper
Double-pane soundproof glass in the first row
Security glass on the rear door
Heated rear windshield
Hyperbolic electric outside rearview mirror
Automatic folding, memory, electric heating, reversing and downward turning
Built-in luggage rack on the roof
Aerodynamic fins
Interior configuration
Dynaudio hi-fi audio system (10 speakers)
Full color rhythm diffused light
Wireless cell phone charging
12V power supply – 2
Electric rearview mirror with anti-glare coating
Driving recorder
Front row USB interface
2 read out, support fast charging
Rear USB interface
1 QC3.0 18W fast charging support
Rear Type-C interface
1 PD 60W fast charging support
Electric trunk
Inductive trunk (shock)
Retractable trunk curtain
V2L external power reset function (3.6 kW)
Thermoforming A-column with composite structure TRB + Patch
Anti-collision beam
2000MPa aluminum-silicon coating car doors
Bosch ESP9.3 body stability control system
Anti-lock braking system
Brake Assist System
Traction control
Tire pressure monitoring
Seatbelt reminder
Front exhaust bag
Front seat side airbags
Side air curtain
Air Conditioning System
Dual zone automatic air conditioner
Rear air conditioning outlet
Glove box cooling
Ventilation and cooling function
Automatic anti-fogging front windshield
High efficiency air filtration system (PM2.5, pollen, formaldehyde filtration, etc.)
Self-cleaning air conditioning system
Intelligent air management system
Cabin air quality control IQS
PM2.5 monitoring system
Intelligent fragrance system
Seat system
12-way electric basic driver’s seat adjustment
Basic driver’s seat memory
Heated main driver’s seat
Ventilation of the main driver’s seat
Massage in the main driver’s seat
First class luxury headrest for sleeping
Co-pilot seat with 6-way electric adjustment
12-way electric adjustment of the co-pilot’s seat
Co-pilot seat heating
Co-pilot seat ventilation
Co-pilot seat massage
Rear seat 4/6 split, manually-operated seat backrest inverted
Rear center armrest, high quality concealed cupholder
Material in faux suede + leather
Eco-textile certification for infants
Matrix LED headlights
Automatic high and low beam switching
Headlights illuminate automatically
Adaptive headlight range adjustment
LED daytime running lights
LED running water turn signal
LED taillight
LED rear fog light
LED reversing light
LED high stop light
LED front reading light
LED rear reading light
LED luggage light
LED glove box lighting
Front door welcome light
Threshold welcome light

Intelligent and precise navigation
AR navigation
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