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An executive sedan from the Yangwang brand 

An executive sedan from the Yangwang brand

Previously, the Yangwang sub-brand of BYD Holding has already made a sensation in the market of premium electric cars with the debut Yangwang U8 SUV. But that didn’t seem enough for them, so earlier this year a new model – the U7 sedan – received a trade license.

Technical parameters

Dimensions: 5265/1998/1517 mm
Wheelbase: 3160 mm
Curb weight: 3095 kg
Engine: E4 system with 4 electric motors
Total power: 960 kW (1287 hp)

But we were particularly impressed by the battery: its capacity is 135.5 kWh, which can provide 800 kilometers of range – on electric power alone!

How the executive sedan will look like is still unknown. We can only share the photos leaked to the network.

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