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IM Motors LS7

60 500 $

60 500 $




- 625 km

Up to 100 km/h

- 4.5 sec.

Battery pack

- 100 kWh

Motor power

- 578 hp


- N/A
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60 500 $

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Features of the IM LS7

The IM brand (i.e. Intelligence in Motion) is the joint brainchild of Chinese concern SAIC (64% stake), Internet giant Alibaba and the Shanghai Pudong District Administration (18% stake each). SAIC is responsible for engineering, which started working on IM electric cars five years ago. In 2020, the partners founded the joint company Zhiji Auto, in early 2021 showed their first developments, and last summer the firstborn – sedan IM L7 – entered the market. Now the second model – the crossover IM LS7 – is ready.


Length, mm – 5049
Width, mm – 2002
Height, mm – 1731


Wheelbase – 3060 mm
Tire size – 255/55 R20


Weight 2630 kg
Number of doors 5
Number of seats 5


The IM cars are based on a separate platform: a double wishbone at the front, a multi-lever at the rear, and air suspension with electronically controlled shock absorbers is already in the base. Brembo brakes are installed on all wheels. And on the roof (just on the narrow partition between the windshield and the panoramic section) there is a front radar and two lidar: the autopilot still corresponds to the second level, but the developers promise to bring it to the third level of autonomy

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Battery type – solid state
Type of fuel – electric
Battery capacity, kWh – 100


Acceleration to 100 km/h, sec – 4.5
Maximum speed, km/h – 200


Dashboard: 26.3 inches
Passenger screen: 15.5 inches
For window controls and air conditioning: 12.8 inches


The first is the top version with twin-engine all-wheel drive and a 100 kWh traction battery. There is 238 hp engine in the front axle and 340 hp in the rear, their total output is 578 hp and 725 Nm. Crossover weighs 2630 kg and can accelerate to “hundred” in 4.5 seconds, the maximum speed – 200 km/h. But the driving range is not specified. But it is announced that the rear-wheel drive IM LS7 (340 hp) with the same battery will be able to go 660 kilometers on a single charge under the CLTC cycle. Subsequently, an initial battery of 90 kW∙h will also be offered.

The battery is a triple lithium unit with a capacity of 77 kilowatt-hours, which gives the car a cruising range of 510 kilometers on pure electricity. The acceleration time from zero to 100 kilometers per hour is 6.5 seconds.


Leather, suede and even wood veneer are used for the interior. But it is not the materials that should attract IM LS7, but unusual solutions. For example, by default, the crossover is supposed to have a steering wheel, though it is possible to order a traditional steering wheel. Three screens can be recessed into the bowels of the front panel, leaving only the upper sections visible.
Leather upholstery
Lots of places
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IM Motors LS7

IM Motors LS7 Specifications

Length * width * height (mm) – 5049*2002*1731
Wheelbase (mm) – 3060
Number of seats – 5
Trunk volume for storage (L) – 56
trunk luggage capacity (L) – 733
Drive shape – Smart four-wheel drive
Wind resistance coefficient (Cd) – 0.268
Acceleration time 100 kilometers (s) – 4.5
Several driving modes
Custom black label version for the powerful magnesium-aluminum alloy motor: straight waterfall, oil cooling and eight-layer flat wire winding on the stud
Engine power (kW) – Front 175/rear 250
Maximum cumulative power output (kW) / cumulative torque (Nm) – 425/725
Full CLTC range (km) – 550
Five times safe, non-heating, high-energy battery (kWh) – 90
Mobile power station function (maximum external power supply 6.6 kW)
Maintenance-free lithium battery low-voltage power system
High-strength lightweight all-aluminum chassis
Double wishbone front/rear multilever independent suspension
WAE Williams chassis master adjustment
Full-screen intelligent air suspension
DampTronic® electromagnetic dynamic damping adjustment system
20-inch sharp sports wheels (Bridgestone ALENZA 001 tires with aerodynamic trim)
Ultra Grip Super Grip hybrid tire width (mm) – Front 255/rear 275
Brembo front four-piston integrated high performance braking system
Electric power steering with variable speed control (EPS)
Fully self-contained, wire-operated brake energy recovery system
Automatic brake disc cleaning BDW
Electronic parking brake belt, automatic parking (AUTO-PARKING)
Ultra-narrow frame, huge immersive Smart scene screen (including a 26.3-inch giant 4K screen for the main driver that can be raised and lowered independently, 4,320 * 720, and a 15.5-inch independent entertainment screen for the co-pilot, 2,488 * 720).
12.8-inch AMOLED 2K super control hub (1728 * 1888)
Multiscreen unlimited intelligent IM OS interaction system
Independent natural voice interaction with artificial intelligence
One-impact scenario-based vehicle control
High-performance gigabit smart gateway and remote FOTA update capability
Driving recording function
Cell phone remote control and Bluetooth digital key
Exclusive remote control key
NFC card key
HOD driver unlock detection
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